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Reinforcement my boys I prefer sleeping with goys Words are not toys And women have choice If you make a firm date And then cancel or show late Youre a target for hate Dumb or plum underage Go jerk off in a cage Now for the gents Ill bathe in fine scents Dress to the nines Brush my hair til it shines Im bright and youre witty Youre handy and Im clitty Im edgy and youre savvy Im curvy and you a navvy Were both deeply global Compassionate and noble Im forty youre older Im flirty youre bolder Our nights ought to smoulder Nor should our days be colder Rest your locks on my shoulder And our child We will mold her Also Christmas has happened but Im not like Mary The thought of a virgin birth is scary I need a daddy to knock me up proper A kind thinking man not a skank or a copper Im forty and worldly I like to rock out I grow lots of plants and have antiques about Im a curvy redhead with the fairest of skins My hair so long that its eyeing my shins Domestic tranquility runs in my genes And British and French history are my two big scenes milfdatingsite Ive spent years in Europe and socialism bit me Are there Democrats around who would like to talk wit me If you have lovely hair and enjoy a good flirt And long walks in the snow please do write it cant hurt Please send a photo tell me a smattering of meaningful things about yourself and your life and let me know why my two poems interested you Assuming you do these things Ill happily respond in kind Cheers

HSV2 California BONITA - SAN DIEGO 91908

First off I have HSV2 Its important to get that out in the open I am not looking for a serious relationship right now Not looking to get into something emotionally tangled and convoluted but not looking for just sex either More like a friend first and see where that goes But please be single This isnt about cheating on a partner Be honest with me and Ill be honest with you Additionally Im a nonsmoker and I dont do drugs This is important to me A little about me Im in my mid40s on the slender side hilarious a great travel companion should it go that far a beer and wine drinker more attractive than milfsexdating not tallish and I enjoy my life About you Single HSV positive or comfortable with this situation taller 510 and up please We all have our preferences right in shape attractive between the ages of 37 and 50 nonsmoker no drugs intelligent and emotionally mature Please put springtime in the title of your email so I know youve read this Write more than just a few words A little effort goes a long way Include a pic if youre comfortable with that Its a plus and it will get my attention Im looking forward to hearing from you

local miltf
local miltf

2016 California BONITA - SAN DIEGO 91908

Lets talk and if that goes great hang out milfdatingsite in person Nice cute educated girl here Expanding my social circle You please be 2540 take care of yourself intelligent adventurous Interest in travelling is a plus

Bbw looking for chubby white guy California BONITA - SAN DIEGO 91908

Im a curvy young white girl Looking for a really big white guy For dating texting hanging out sleepovers Just any kind of companionship Im single and clean Wanna chat first and then maybe we can meet up after awhile if we hit it off Must be white or Hispanic 2545 over 250 lbs clean have a job and car ddf local milfd be able to host

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b b w white lady 50 seeks male for free maturehookup dating over 35 old I like mt Charleston trips let make friends soon non smokerrrs no 420

Whats wrong with being romantic California BONITA - SAN DIEGO 91908

You know posting here is interesting I have met men here that are very emotional creatures I never knew men felt so deeply Its refreshing I always thought that it was just us the women So Ill start with this Yes I want the romance I want the holding hands I want the phone calls when you call too say that your thinking about me I want too sit across the table from you and touch your leg with mine I want too play under the covers with you laughing from the happiness of our playful touches I want too get on the couch with you and fall asleep in the safety of your strong arms I want too do all the grown up things that grown ups do I want keep that smile on your face just as much as you want too keep this smile on mine Men I ask again what is wrong with romance Whats wrong with grabbing her and putting her up on the counterWhats wrong with the spin cycle of an old school washing machine Whats wrong with passion You know what kind Im talking about That kind where your pushing her back against the wall and staring each other in the eyesThe t shirts are being ripped off That behavior is really real its not just tv stuffPerhaps thats whats missing from all the relationships that dont make it However some people in this world you cant please them at all no matter what you do They can go say bye byeMen what do you want Why are you here on CL searching day after day We all skip over the discusting ads the money hungry peoplethe fake peoplethe scammers and the people pretending too be something that they are not What ever happen too finding love MEN be warriors of your own hearts Be brave find her Go back too the days milf hook up when men were men embrace your inner warrior Get the woman that you want screw all these fake people out here wanting too play with our minds and hearts be it women or men We all deserve too find true happiness Yes it is true that some women are not ready too receive love once its offered so guess what thats her lost Hey and listen about this pic thing Your simply attracted too who you are Dont feel badly about that but dont be rude about it Its tough because you dont want too hurt peoples feelings So Im going too start saying thanks for the pic and your interest I just feel we wont be a match After I have sent mine in return I have had loads of guys not like me for the way that I look or weight or race Its there right not too want too be with me Its ok my heart wont break for honestyIts true that sexraceweightlooks and all that make a difference too people again its all of or rights Dont cry over it That doesnt mean that they are bad people its just his or her right So WHAT if it sounds like a soap opera Thats whats wrong with some of our failed relationships When your relationship ends You ask yourself what did I do wrong Why did he or she cheat or break things off Did you look in the mirror or are you scared I did and I had a cheating husband but I had fault as well When I looked what I saw scared the hell out of me So I fixed it and now Im ready too find just what I want Im not going too settle So like I said screw all these fake ads and people and get the woman that you really want Also another issue that I want too address Dating is like picking out a pair of new shoes We all need too try them on first walk around in them before we buy them Dont get upset if you meet some one and they are dating other people Its all of our rights too date many too get too that right one Stop being all territorial let people see if they like you or someone else You dont want them too chose you on the fly because you pressured them Guess what the same thing that happen too you in your last relationship will happen again Have fun with your dating you might make friends or lovers even if your not a match

Are you a prince for a BBW California BONITA - SAN DIEGO 91908

Hi I am a BBW that is looking for a long term relationship I have a car a house a stable job and now Im looking for someone to spend time with If you think you might be interested please email me back I think I would have most in common with a man between 3650 years old I am 44 and I have long light brown hair blue eyes and average height But I am a Big Beautiful Woman BBW which means I am overweight I am looking for a man that can see beyond that to accept me for the great person that I am I have a positive outlook and a lot of interests I am a smart and pretty easy going person and Im open to what Im looking foras long as we enjoy each others company and can carry on a conversation I like all the normal stuff Movies concerts comedy shows restaurants bars bowling watching milf sex dating TV cooking etc I like music and to dance but Im not very good I drink at social occasions but not to excess I like mixed drinks better than beer and I dont smoke I would love to find someone thats interested in going out and having fun My ultimate goal is to get married and live happily ever after in monogamous relationship so Im hoping to find someone that is on the same path Im from SJ and Id love to get out and explore the whole bay area more Im able to drive to other cities around the general bay area if you have fun ideas of what to do there Let me know about yourself the basics where do you worklive and something to start a conversation like something interesting about yourself or where you like to go on dates Picture for picture

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Im a recent grad Looking for someone 2530 Im looking for someone mature but doesnt take meet milfa themselves too seriously Im 55 average weight brown skinned and black hair Love to laugh and looking for someone with a good sense of humor Id love to chat Send a pic and a description