Flirty partner and see where it goes California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92013

I am looking for a man to flirt with and freemilfdating see if there is a connection I love the excitement of flirting Looking for Single male White male required 3040 years old Lives near south Austin or downtown area Put Romance in the subject line to weed out spam Thanks have a wonderful day

Take Me As I am California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92013

Hey Im trying this one more time Im a 29 year old female Country girl grew up on a large farm in Texas I live on small acreage in the beautiful hill country I really want too take it one day at time so at first I would like to have someone to do things with Im an extremely active person I am Black I love sporting events rodeofootballbaseballsoftball etc I really enjoy music all types from Country my number one fave to Soul HipHop Pop alternative gospel I have a wide range I love the water Im a water baby Aquarius I try to make down to the coast at least once a year I love big trucks So Sexy Right now because Im blessed Im a stay at home mom But I have worked and even owned my own small business I want to be able to share my life with someone But I believe slow and steady is the way to go Friends first please I dont need a man I learned that a few years back But I really would like one that eventually I can create my own family with I do want more children I adore being a mother Ive learned more about myself being a mother than anything else in my life I really enjoy learning new things by the way so men that are knowledgable about different fields is local mlfs a total turn on Im a spiritual person so church is something I enjoy But I would call myself a scientific Nondenominational Christian Im 100 Realist I love animals And will always have them Im looking for response where you tell me as much info as you can think of I wont respond to hey whats up and hi how are you or My name is Also no pics of body parts I shouldnt see unless I know you first and last name Im not looking for hookups or FWB so lets not waste each others time I have many pics but you will get a picture of me with one from you I do carry a few extra pounds but I work out usually more than 5 days a week An really enjoy it Would love to have a gym hikingyoga classes whatever Im open I love cooking Really watch what I eat also I do give myself a cheat day once a week Im working on getting my CHL love going to the shooting range Blue collar country men are my type

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Exasperated clever bitch seeks unicorn California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92013

lt UPDATED 23 The golden bridle appears to have workedI know I was surprised tooand applications for mythological status are no longer being accepted Im leaving the ad up because apparently yall are getting a kick out of it and I am getting a kick out of yall getting a kick out of it Good luck out there fellow beasthunters gt Fellas Im gonna level with you I cant take it anymore I cant take another date with a yammering divorcee trying to reinvent himself at 38 I cant take another So do you come here often as if there is ANY answer to that question that could possibly lead to a more nuanced and engaging conversation I cant take another gelledup MBA whose extracurricular interests start and end with p90crossfitsystemaga If I see one more Tinder photo of a sleeveless ballcapped broseph hoisting a rainbow trout up for my inspection I will go full OnePunch Man on every Bass Pro Shop from here to the Everglades My doctor warned me that my next eyeroll could be my last They could just lock into place I could spend the rest of my life studying the inside of my own cranium because of one too many bloviating selfhelp crunchy granola fucknuts just barely staving off an early midlife crisis No more The line must be drawn somewhere So it has come to this 30something single men of the greater Raleigh area A Craigslist ad foryou know not even for the dude of my dreams Maybe just a dude who isnt completely underwhelming Just regular whelming At this point that feels like setting the bar pretty high Whelm me gentlemen Whelm me but good ME A real charmer 32 yo white ladyperson 58 and 130 lbs Gray eyes Red hair when the colors fresh auburn when Im short on the funds needed to perpetuate the lie Im usually short on the funds Dimpled chin Strongfeatured symmetrical but unusual Lifelong sufferer of Resting Bitch Face Some early crows feet Im pretty pleased with Couple tattoos A lot of people think Im pretty Probably plenty of people dont Thats cool man I have a badass lady pit bull No cats Cats are stupid Please dont have cats My pit bull will want to eat them and I will want to let her Religions cool its just not for me My 28 waistline persists in spite of me eating garbage and drinking a beer a night You are not getting me on a mountain bike You are not getting me on a surfboard You are not getting me to run a marathon with you My heart will go ahead and give up when its damn good and readyHOPEFULLY midcoitusand I will consider it a life welllived Interests speculative fiction Biology astronomy meteorology Animals bugs the human condition Tweeting about gross things my body does Feminism and gender fluidity Singing being shit at the guitar House Targaryen Bourbon Coffee Butts Not a big traveler I mean I do and have but travel anxiety and ennui keep me pretty local most of the time Never been married but ultimately would like to be Not interested in having kids Not interested in being a mom to your alreadyexisting kids Ad copywriter and occasional writer of crappy treacly poetry YOU 3138 within spitting distance of Raleigh Any ethnicity Symmetrical cleareyed cleanshaven maybe a short beard or perpetual 5 oclock shadow Slender trim whatever you want to call itbecause you aced your roll of the genetic dice or because you jog a few times a week and eat a salad once in a blue moon Tallish Wicked smart Dry sharp confident Great conversationalist Empathetic Probably not religious You openly ridicule astrology homeopathy and whatever that mealy twat Dr Oz is peddling these days Never been married or if you have you mlf dating divorced amicably and dont carry any baggage or resentment or other shitty drama re your marriage because I desperately desperately do not want to inherit your neuroses andor watch you fidget while you explain how youre Just Not Sure You Want to Do That Again and I think to myself Then what the fuck are we even doing here you disingenuous invertebrate I could be at home browsing through Netflix for 20 minutes like Im NOT just going to settle on an episode of STTNG Ive already watched 15 times Youve read a book without pictures in the last month or so Fulltime job doing something that doesnt suckin a creative industry or in the sciences Dog person You eschew professional sports because seriously fuck professional sports Nonsmoker Always tips Homebody Capable in the kitchen Can do that thing I like BONUS FEATURES Youre musically andor artistically inclined You can find Polaris You know the difference between venomous and poisonous Your parents are still happily married or happily remarried There it is men Those are the terms If you my magical selfassured emotionally wellbalanced unicorn feel prepared to venture into these particular sharkish waters DO THIS Send me a coherent spellchecked grammatically proficient email that will make me laugh like a drunk hyena I dont care what its about as long as its not your dang life story Describe our first date Tell me about the last standup comedy show you went to Whatever Just be interesting and authentic Include a FULLY CLOTHED photo you didnt take in a filthy mirror with a 10yearold phone Your email will go unanswered if you whine about how youre too old or how this post was too long Do not send me 50 more increasingly desperatepissedoff emails if I dont respond Its nothing personal man

Active Attractive Girl Next Door Looking for The Guy Next Door California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92013

Educated Fit and Attractive SWF looking for my male counterpart I am professionally employed never married no kids nonsmoker fitness minded I enjoy running biking hiking swimming movies tv beach lake and open to new adventures You should be 34 to milfsexdating 44 single nonsmoking drug free FIT active and seeking a relationship I live in North Raleigh and prefer someone within a 20 minute drive Please tell me about yourself your interests and include a face photo

Fluffy Chick Looking For Fluffy Dude w4m California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92013

Fluffy Chick with job looking for Fluffy Dude with job The fluffier the better 45 and up only Just to hang out No drugs or ciggs 420 Ok Revision Apparently a lot of guys dont know what fluffy local mlfs means I keep getting pics of very nice looking yet average build guys And lots of dick picswhich by the way I have created a Facebook page for so my gfs and I can rate them by size skin clarity hairiness and how well the balls are in proportion to the overall unit Ill let you all know who wins Mr Dickly 2016 in another post But for THIS post Im looking for a BIG BOY Gabriel Iglesias type fluffy 300 Lbs and no less 45 years and over Good ol blue collar hard working down to Earth kind of guy with a kind temperament If you dont fit this then please dont reply Haters as well keep it to yourself If your a big boy with a big heart Email me Thanks

Longterm Yeah Right California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92013

Anyways Im looking for someone who is looking to have some fun Letting things go the way they should Not looking to be lied to just looking to meet a well off MENTALLY STABLE person who can handle me Im BF 23 lives in norcross Want milf hook up to actually meet no pen pals

Hello there California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92013

With the right bottle of champagne at a wonderful lounge we can have an amazing time I am a woman that wants the free maturehookup best and deserve the best and truly believes that life is too short to settle Life is meant to be lived and savored Lets go out and explore the possibility of being with one another Remember generosity goes a long way Please be at least 45

male company for Valentine Day California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92013

Hi I am from Europe Currently live in West LA I am friendly very traveled and have a very positive attitude I am old fashioned and would like to meet an old fashioned gentleman for friendship and maybe more Valentines Day is around the corner and I thought that it would be nice to spend it with someone nice and positive person without any pressure or expectations I just dont feel like spending the day alone or with my single girlfriends just because I am currently not in a relationship Please be ABOVE my age milfhookup classy and gentle ideally traveled If you are interesting in my add please introduce yourself and attach picture I dont send pictures first so please dont ask for it before you send me yours I wont respond to any short emails ex how are you where you from etc if you dont write anything about yourself first