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Hello there I am so bored out my mind I dont know to many people here so I figured why not try this I an very clean cute milf hook up and Friendly I am jamaican but born in LA I am desk skin nice shape no kids just looking to get a drink or a bit to eat let chat

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Thought I found him and then idk he changed on me no longer the loving open guy that made me believe in giving up this searchbut he did revitalize my faith didnt know ill feel that way again Im a 25 year old thick black female and if you dont like woman that look like those pics walk away looking for a man one that is ambitious and driven A man with a decent job and life In case you havent noticed I am using the word man Not boy guy lover or any other word I use Man to specify that Im not looking for someone immature Not saying this to be mean but local milfd Im just tired of taking care of man and doing for them and putting my dreams second I want to be the person being helped or at least the equal partner I want him to be smart funny fun loving kind giving and as I stated before driven and ambitious with dreams he can reach or has reached Im here because Ive looked and after a 5 year relationship turned year engagement failing than a year of fixing me Im ready to find him The man worth havingthe man thats stable and knows what he wantsthe man that stays the same and dont change on me one that can not only be honest to me but himself lastly a man who takes responsibility for what he does and does not do and not look at others as the problem If you want to email me PLEASE send a picture I would rather a fresh one with a date time stamp but a picture nun the less will suffice And your name and age KNOW THIS NO PICTURE NO NAME ABSOLUTELY NO ANSWER

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or not how about a little kickass relaxing and milfsdating rejuvenating massage winwin acuteswfwhandsfromheaven

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Have you ever secretly drempt of living a similar life Perhaps building a log cabin or having a wood shop even with some ol tyme tools although youd have electricity Live a bit of a distance from town yet no more than 10 miles to the county seat and about an hour or so to a city Me and my gal do and love it Though our friend got us wanting a log cabin and some other things but shes more into sustainable than we are But thought youd never find a gal whod go in for all that or better yet not be shy about picking up some dead critter found dead in the yard gloves preferred Well here she is Shes got some land deed in hand with only her name on it and some trees An ever running brookcreek in the bottoms and a deep set up into the aquifer or underground river for the sweetest water on the mountain or so says her neighbor Some say shes a bit of a hippy but dont let that scare you off Shes been a big city gal and still owns some dresses she doubts shell ever wear again and honestly doesnt think heels would do well anymore as shes often seen in steel toed boots mucks Dr Scholls or barefoot Hasnt bothered with makeup for years and doubt anyone about would recognize her if she did get all gussied up Not a cry baby either a friend offered her a ride from the bottom of their driveway to their house in the lawn cart pulled by their atv Well that lawn cart had a defect in the dump release that when a rut in that gravel driveway was hit she got tossed out along with the tailgate of the cart She breathed through the pain in her ankle finally did get up and allowed the friend to rinse the blood off her hand and she walked up to the house with a Thanks but Im walking Our friend mentioned that shes such a country girl most people yell at him and blame him for their injuries Well heck memberance brings to mind when she killed a truck with an American Oakshe didnt go see a dr or go to the ER either Instead a neighbor plucked the broken glass bits out of her head and she took no stitches as she said the cut isnt on a bending part besides in time any scar will be camoflauged by wrinkles in time Been a time or two shes claimed to be going brain dead for the lack of folks to talk in some depth but of late she chats with some lady who reads a lot and they have some conversations which concern eavesdroppers who may think that some sparing may be coming up but the women laugh at their differing points of view Other folks they speak to do say that each of these women enjoy their spirited debates Course shes mentioned we have the same old conversations about my health issues have been a priority but we have some laughs Now when the gals get together they are a riot Shes known to listen to alternative news sources Dislikes cougar hook up commercials heard her gripe about that Dr Ortons miracle wrinkle stuff which ad has been running for a long time but still claim that the first 200 people to call in on the offer get it free shes of a mind that aint nobody want it since the first 200 hadnt called in over the last year Think shes got a point there She thinks commercials overall insult the intelligence of the general public If her rifle were fixed or she felt she had the strength to carry a bagged deer up the hill shed be out bagging some Dont think shed be wasteful she was pleased when someone dropped off a bag of deer liver for her to simmer up She said sure it stinks up the house a bit but the dogs are so attentive not daring to displease her till theyve got that all ate Heard her once simmer up a cow liver she said it took a week for the dogs to get through that She gathers herbs from her garden and most of those are the wild kind She says mixing some dried fleabane in with the straw helps to keep the fleas down and for all these years only know her to complain of seeing three fleas on one of her dogs then there will be none since she gets right on thatalso keeping an eye out for feral cats roaming about Shed talk of bringing a dog into the vet and have the vet tell her that there would be an additional charge of $15 if they see a flea on the dog for the dip and shed tell them I got me five dogs back when she had five if one has fleas I got em too She had one neighbor ask her how to get rid of fleas as they were infested She doesnt much bother with grooming her dogs as they are out in the country she does get vexed a bit that the dogs dont seem to mind the garden snakes But then again garden snakes may bring black snake which in turn eat the gardens snakes but also have a taste for mice and copperheads dont like to be around black snake either She dont much sound like a city girl who attended private Catholic schools now does she She can be lazy Seen her roll out the air compressor instead of a vacuum to blast the interior of her car out She dont rake her leaves much but mows the leaves In winter if the snow aint deep she wont bother with shoveling but sweeps a path Using her fire ash to melt the snow in her drive In fact she uses fire ash for quite a few things about the house and yard Heck she once dug a hole in her fenced yard dropped some gravel then a garbage can with holes in it put gravel around the sides for dog compost crazy as it sounds Yes she heats with wood in the cold of winter and had those Edenpures for mild days and backup for years I didnt get one till I found one at a garage sale after one of hers got knocked against some cloth and started to melt but it still works and I guess shes right they are as safe as they claim Now she may tell you I was a bit drunk and knocked it out of place but I still think it was one of her big dogs She set her woodburner in herself removing a window to stick the flue out of and mudded the pipe into the window opening she said it was far less carpentry and no roof work but the best part is nothing to get so hot as to heat up the tinderbox of a trailer I did mention she is lazy she added another window opening a bit lower so she has a slide out on the outside and a securing door on the inside to pass wood through to pile along the inside wall Much less effort to pass or toss when alone the wood through instead of carrying a few logs in at a time and tracking in snow or mud She also built a sitting box along one wall that wood shifting door opens atop it and the top lifts off for kindling wood and a smaller box for scrap paper to start a fire should the fire go stone cold Shed prefer someone who isnt a cigarette smoker Shes got a bit of that COPD and begs a cigarette now and again but wont keep any in the house Shes against medical pot she thinks it should be as free as a tomato seed she has a few other quips on this subject too She used to like to cook outdoors and swing in the hammock She had set an area up at the edge of her yard at the start of her woods BBQ spot and the hammock all with sand so the embers dont start a fire and shed let some firebrick warm at the fire and place the hot ones under the hammock to enjoy the stars on a late crispy evening She saves her metal stuffs for some scrappers to pickup when they will She takes broken glass to the recycle bin and burns her garbage She also composts Shes on the thin side She doesnt much like men who drink to excess have a gut or overweight Shes nearing 57 when her birthday comes sometime in early spring but sure dont look or act matronly Shes a fair hand at most anything but a bit weak on the electrical stuff Seen her act the grease monkey but claims shed be glad to have a man to take over most of those chores but she does them Her mower went bad last year and a few fellows told her it was a bent camshaftshe wouldnt let it go and come the next spring she took it apart and got her going again Wasnt a bent shaft at all claims now shed like to slap the local fellows quiet when they want to give her advice on mechanical stuff Its broke cant be fixed Ill take it off your hands Humph she says that a lot when there is more on her mind Shes got some tools Some antique too Owns a sewing machine or two but doesnt sew much these days too feminine a pursuit what with all the mans work to do But Ive seen two different corsets on that dress form of hers and she once told me she wore one corset to that Custers day thing She also dressed that form in an outfit she had sewn years ago she said she did up for her trip to Ireland years ago Shes wanting to build an apple grinder and press seen a few of the components she has gathered for it and seen the plan she sketched out too She says she needs that building to protect it and the apples when gathered and put up Shes thinking Ciders soft and hard She likes the idea of a pole lathe too and a shaving horse Shed like to get off grid at least in part Shes been gathering materials for that too wind turbines and wouldnt mind some solar Thinking ahead on her water pumps only last so long and thinks when come time to replace it solar happy would be nice but may not be practical as the well is so deep A gennie and storage would be the option if a 220 pump is a must Course shes in that region of gasoil So shes got a bit to offer here What I want to know is what youve got to offer Shes looking for someone compatible to her lifestyle and goals not just some spectator who wants perks Send on a pic I think after 10 years me and my gal kind of know her leanings and what would look good next to her Ill pass on any prospective to her and keep in mind me and my gal are her friends so well be meeting you at some point too

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Would you like to join me for dinner in Boca Raton Dutch treat You must send your clothed photo and age If you do not send milfslocals your photo and age you will not receive an answer Thanks

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So the movie titled Fifty Shades of Black is coming out soon and Id like to go with a cute date Im single and hoping to make a new friend Im not looking for a committed relationship although it would be great to be in one Im black 28 not quite a bbw but curvy fun loving and open to new experiences I want to meet a guy who is somewhere between the ages of 28 and 34 I have a kid but Im not seeking a father figure for my child just a companion for myself Of course local miltf if we got serious that would change some I like to date men who are taller than me Im 57 Id prefer to meet someone the old fashioned way but the last couple of men Ive met that way were all wrong for me If interested reply with the title of your favorite comedy as the subject and send a photo Thanks

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Im 45 going on46 next year but people tend to local mature selfies guess younger and I often end up meeting younger Looking for a connection thats worth my time and yours Lots to offer on this end and open to discovery and learning Show and tell please

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hey there so I will keep this short and sweet no reason to write a book I am a single mom have a management position job and go to school part time I am a busy person but I will make time to date I dont want anyone to get this post confused with some in casual encounters because I am not looking for a one night stand or FWB situation I enjoy sex local milfa but I wont just give it up to every guy that has something nice to say I do live alone and can take care of myself and my child so I would like to find someone that is also independent and able to take care of themselves I Can be a tad sarcastic but its all in good fun I love horror movies and tattoos and piercings I have 9 tattoos and 3 piercings and I dig them on a man anywho im gonna wrap it for now but if your interested please send a pic and a little about yourself I will send one with first reply also please be under 35 TOODLES