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Life is the ability to feel so happy you think your insides are going to explode Its being so upset or disappointed you feel as if your stomach just dropped ten feet out of place Its running so hard you can barely breathe Its the feeling of panic when you know youve been caught doing something wrong Its having that sudden rush before you kiss someone you care about Its opening your eyes and feeling them sting because you spent the whole night crying Its letting people go because new ones come in and all the while realizing that life doesnt have a purpose unless you let it I have learned that the secret to life is that life isnt a competition It is a journey If you spend that journey always trying to impress others to outdo others youre wasting your journey Instead learn to enjoy the journey Make it a journey of happiness of constant learning of continual improvement of love I am looking for a guy age 2427 that lives in Kitsap County who is striving to achieve 1Integrity Integrity is more than being honest Its a lifestyle set on striving towards moral excellence Real men say what they mean and mean what they say They are the same person whether or not others are watching They are trustworthy dependable and unwavering 2Compassion Compassion is sympathetic consciousness of others distress together with a desire to alleviate it In other words you feel compelled to help someone who is hurting Men arent often viewed as being compassionate but it is a trait that helps us to become more connected to the people around us Real men turn their compassion into service and work to make the world a better place 3Confidence Real men are confident Many people confuse confidence with arrogance and selfcenteredness Real men know the difference Confidence is about being selfassured and selfaware Confident men have faith in their abilities and knowledge They dont need to tear others down in order to build themselves up They earn peoples trust with their radiant inner strength When a they walk into the room everyone takes notice 4Selfcontrol Hardly a day goes by without a news report about some highprofile man who has been destroyed by sex money andor drugs Too many men lack selfcontrol but it is the foundation of a virtuous life Selfcontrol starts with focus and ridding yourself of distractions Doing this isnt easy because temptations lurk around every corner Real men are milfsdating able to tame their desires and channel that energy into positive pursuits 5Perseverance Perseverance is the product of selfcontrol It is courageous resistance against difficult circumstances Perseverance is only developed through trials Real men endure the trials and emerge stronger They never give up 6Bravery Bravery is the courage to do what is right regardless of the circumstances Nothing is ever accomplished with an attitude of passivity Real men stand up in the face of adversity 7Humility Todays breed of young men loves to let everyone know how much swagger they have They thump their chests and proclaim to the world Im a Big Deal Look at me Real men understand the value of being humble and letting someone elses light shine They realize that humility is more endearing than selfimportance Humility indicates that you are ridding yourself of the poison of selfcenteredness Besides humility softens the blow when someone knocks you off your pedestal I am not looking for sex or a guy that is here today gone tomorrow I would like to meet a guy whom I can share all my life passions withsearch and rescue flying medicine camping hiking traveling languages Please dont reply if you arent serious I will send my picture if you send yours If interested feel free to send me an email and we can see where things go from there

Now auditioning for lowdrama convenient FWB California PALMDALE - LOS ANGELES 93550

I just really dont feel up to dating right now I work too much because Im a workaholic and love my job Im behind on a gazillion things I want to get done like organize the garage and update my tabs and file all those papers on mature hook up site the table I keep skipping the gym and going for drinks leading to a legit 10 lb excess Right now I want to get on top of these things and not worry about fitting dating in or trying to seem more on top of shit than I am But that said companionship and physical affection are vital parts of a healthy life So Im looking for an attractive convenient like Capitol Hill as well low drama friend with benefits for wellfriendly interactions including a quick cocktail or occasional Netflix even a gym partner and benefits Hopefully said partner is wellendowed and at least somewhat openminded in the bedroom or couch or kitchen table or whatever Yeah yeahquite the listwhatever Its my list and I can ask for what I want Im fairly attractive and aforementioned 10 lbs aside not a scary behemoth Im 53 size 6 educated professionally employed and shower regularly I have no kids no crazy ex drama and a cheery fairly even temperament Im clean and pretty damn sane 420 friendly but no other drugs I recycle and compost and know how to check my own oil If youre around my age and area think youre a match and single send me an email with a pic and a bit about yourself including location Thanks

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Is it you California PALMDALE - LOS ANGELES 93550

I am 25 smart fun openminded mature women I enjoy life to the fullest and feel that I fit in and feel comfortable in most settings and my personality makes me a very approachable person I can go from discussing politics to carsand really just want to meet a person who wants the most out of lifeIm am crazy busy with local milfa school and work but want someone who I can spend time with when in free Calls texts dates just getting to know someone and seeing where it goes Me Aa bbw 51 medium length hair pretty You funny fun to be around over 25 taller then methe rest well work out

weekend coffee California PALMDALE - LOS ANGELES 93550

htwt proportionate blue eyes light brown hair healthcare professional looking for a single tall handsome white color ages 3849 for coffee and conversation please send a pic and a description of freemilfhookup yourself

In the city for business meetings w4m California PALMDALE - LOS ANGELES 93550

If you are staying in an upscale hotel and have free miltf no plans for tonight email me I am open minded good looking slender brunette ready to have fun

Older gentleman thats younger heart California PALMDALE - LOS ANGELES 93550

Looking for good guy that like shopping fine dining traveling and the beach Someone with a good sense of local mlif humor that doesnt get all worked easy

happiness is a shack in the woods California PALMDALE - LOS ANGELES 93550

Im gonna make this short and sweet Im sick of the city I want to live close to the earth Im still young and Im told Im Im beautiful I want to make someone happy and in turn make myself happy I want outta the city rat race I want to live where theres trees and life green nature Ive been a manager for property for some time and Ive been a tattooer longer I want to be free of all my trappings I want to fish localmilf and garden and live in the sun rain and wind I will go any where as long as I can take my dogs with me I just want out is there anyone out there who wants this Who wants me Who wants this with me

Single BBW in Oklahoma ISO Change of a Lifetime California PALMDALE - LOS ANGELES 93550

I know Craigslist might not be the place to find what Im looking for but if I dont give it a try I will never know I am single widowed actually 47 Blonde 59 BBW Big Beautiful Woman I have one daughter 11 who is my life I strive to find someone good honest and decent to bring into our lives Weve struggled but we manage to always pull through hard times together Im looking for someone who is looking for a good woman someone who doesnt mind being a father figure to my daughter She really has never had a father figure of any significance in her life I would prefer someone who is financially stable emotionally stable and in a good place in their lives someone who wouldnt mind a long distance relationship to start off with Although I would not mind moving for all the right reasons in fact a milfhookup move and a fresh start sound amazing to me If this ad has got you curious and you are interested in getting to know me please reply with a photo and tell me a little about yourself etc Age is just a number I suppose but would probably have more in common with someone in the 4055 yr old range I am a good person who is just missing the family unit in my life Would love to have a good man and be in love again Please only reply if you are truly sincere and interested