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Hi there I dont know what to say here my friends feel I should get myself out there as all my friends are married I am a curvy beautiful funny caring and a sweet woman who is looking for someone to get to know and possibly start dating I dont smoke drink with friends when we have a party but not excessively I dont like smokers whether it be smokes or weed I dont want someone who is just going to say yes to everything but dont want local milfd someone who is going to fight me on everything I am looking for someone who can stand their ground but be able to listen to my side and maybe come to an understanding I need someone who can communicate because I dont want to be the one sitting at home wondering what if or having my mind play games with me Everyone in their life has gone through things that create trust issues for the next person to come along All you need to do is have understanding and compassion I am looking for a funny caring put together nice guy You dont have to be rich or anything but I do want you to at least have a job Looking for someone between the ages of 3040 I wont give my picture right away I believe this is the best road to take because you get to know someone for who they are which is the most important thing I will however give my picture after we talk for a bit Lets start talking and see where it can go This will go at my pace so dont message me if you just want sex or think a big girl will just sleep with anyone

Pursuing a pal to share lifes adventures New York NEW YORK 10281

Hey there fellas I am in pursuit of a kind fun happy milfdatingsite intelligent goofy guy pal with whom I might share some of lifes amazing adventures A bit about meI am a single mama My munchkin is the most important person in my life I am an outdoor enthusiast I enjoy hiking camping and splashing in rivers I like exploring new places and seeing all of natures splendid beauty I also love yoga learning reading smiling baking playing around and being silly Im quite responsible when it comes down to it but Im a firm believer that one simply must have fun and enjoy life Id like to meet a cool guy to get to know become friends with and to have adventures with from time to time Huge bonus if theres a single dad out there who would be up for park play dates down the road Im primarily just looking to make a good friend Im not exactly looking to jump into anything serious And I am absolutely not interested in a casual fling Thanks for checking out my post I look forward to meeting all of you awesome gents out there

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local mature selfies

Cute SSBBW 4 Good Man New York NEW YORK 10281

Hello Like the title says I am a African American female looking for a gentleman I am college education and single with no kids Looking for a nice guy to chat and get to know If you admire SSBBWs and love to chat send me a message Description 511 350 lbs brown eyes shoulderlength local mlif hair XOXO

El hombre decente New York NEW YORK 10281

Busco a alguien que quiera tener una relacin a largo plazo Si usted es un hombre decente entre las edades de 29 40 y en busca de una forma sencilla amante de la diversin y hacia abajo a la tierra tipo de chica me enva un correo electrnico Por favor no me enve ninguna fotos de desnudos milfdates Edad 33 Soltero

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Anyone want to see a movie this weekend Looking for a clean nice guy to see a movie with maybe go to dinner once in awhile hangout have a few drinks etc A LTR would be great but this is CL so Im not getting my hopes upHopefully theres a spark email milfslocal me lets chat

Its like finding a needle in a haystack New York NEW YORK 10281

Looking for a good friendship in milfdating usa which a relationship may form from later If no relationship forms than at least I made another friend If you are looking for a botty call or one night stand than no need to relay

Looking for an 9829LTR9829 nothing less New York NEW YORK 10281

I guess when it comes to this website you need to be as specific as my title Of course I know that an LTR doesnt happen overnight but if its not your ultimate goal and desire to be in a committed long term relationship then you are not the man Im looking for and I am not the woman youre looking for The man Im looking for is honest loyal communicative and kind He is not lazy and thats defined in more than the physical sense it also means he actually took the time to read this ad in its entirety and responds in a way that shows he connected with something in its content versus the type that simply writes nice ad before pasting his blanket reply The man Im looking for communicates well in person and on paper Im looking for an age appropriate partner I trust that any intelligent reasonable person can figure out what that means without me having to specify your birth year Men are visual creatures right Im always hearing that detail spoken as if women care nothing about looks and physical attraction Of course we do I believe women are just better at reminding ourselves that it takes more than surface beauty to truly be beautiful Wanting to find a physically appealing partner does not make you shallow not caring if all of the beauty in the world comes in the ugliest package does You should know the difference I believe the way we behave when no one is looking matters I appreciate people that share this belief whether its tied to religion or just your personal standards and morals I think the way we treat strangers is more reflective of our characters than the way we treat the people we have to interact with every day I dont subscribe to any organized religion but I absolutely believe in God I think good relationships are made from strong mental emotional and sexual connections I am very fortunate to have found a career that I love and am a strong believer that after work life is more positive and fulfilling when we get joy out of the ways that we make a living I know this isnt possible for everyone so I count myself very lucky to have landed where I am and hope you can say the same If I were to describe myself Id sound rather plain and cookiecutter mediumlength brown hair brown eyes a nice smile 5 foot 8 a proportionately curvy figure eyebrows eyelashes all of my teeth the usual When I say that I am curvy it means I have an hourglass shape that is not petite and not obeseYou may have a different definition but I suppose that is why we swap pictures to determine an initial attraction I have gotten the question of why I dont post a picture in my ad and the answer is really quite simple men always flag the ads with pictures So blame your cohorts versus jumping to thinking women arent confident in their appearance If you decide to reply please send me a photo that looks like you I can guarantee youll have no problem identifying me if we decide to meet Yes this ad is very long compared to what typically appears on these pages but can anyone honestly point to success that resulted from the 2liners Youll notice I didnt specify what Im looking for in your physicality though local mlif I have to admit I would love it if you stood a few inches above me Aside from that attractiveness comes in so many different forms that it would be impossible to describe the perfect man If anything I wrote above piqued your interest I would absolutely love to hear from you

the picture as I see it New York NEW YORK 10281

we wake up play tag or horsey or tiddleywinks awhile then we shower scamper around the kitchen getting in each others way as we fix coffee breakfast maybe a quick smooch and fondle as we head out the door to the farmers market for our yummies while we are out we sing along me on key you slightly off to the milfslocal rock on the radioas the best music made was in the 70s and 80s lol love me some classic rock where I go all joan fucking jet on your ass or whip out a little pat benatar just to make you want me home thats me prancing around just out of reach while you are trying to watch sportswith my secret weapons honey gold dust powder and a feather out for dinneroops did I forget to wear panties what a bad girl Honey I dropped my napkin can you reach it AS THIS POST SHOWS I have a sense of humor and a sex drive I know lots of you guys dont believe its possiblebut its true Also I am single Can spell Can write sentences Put some thought into this post knowing it will of course appeal to the lowest common denominator on craigslistbut hoping to reach someone special funny and with a pulse Just like me ps adding a postscript my ads dont usually stay up for long flagged either by jealous guys who know I wont sleep with them or jealous women mad cause other women still like sex when they NEVER did Either way the flags fly and off I go Be quick